What up Tumblr,
I actually have a butt load* of stuff to put on display in the coming months, pretty much everything from my 2 year hiatus. Some stuff I need to prep and some I’m just not actually allowed to share yet.

I’ve decided I’m going to make Tumblr my official portfolio host because I like the social aspect of it and I’m going to cleverly merge that with this blog. I’m not particularly active on any social sites at the moment but I do add art/design related stuff reasonably often to Pinterest and impersonate depression on Twitter if that is something you’re in to.

To make up for the absence when I return properly this blog will be a bit less formal and there’s plans to start another one with someone I collaborate with quite often about software and behavioural design in general which is fun and useful.

*Interesting fact, a butt is a measurement for cask wines and 1 Butt is roughly 475 Litres. I don’t know if that is where the term comes from.

Modern Fables

So I gave a man what change I had in my pocket tonight because despite how cynical his shopping bag made me feel about how long he said it was since he’d eaten, anyone who feels they have to lower themselves to ask a stranger for money is probably worse off than me, 21 year old without a steady income that somehow manages to only wear pretentious boutique clothes. There’s probably a moral or a socio-political comment in there, for us all.

Science killed magic.

Ancient people really did live in a world of fantasy, because they were not very good at telling dreams from reality. I think it’s kind of sad that due to our increasing intellect and natural thirst for knowledge we’ve really have ‘lost’ all the magic in the world.

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I dislike the negativity that disliking things gets.

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